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Whole Baltimore Engineering The Earth Team

WBETET is a potpourri of people who are invested in revitalizing the community through innovative social engineering with Art as the vehicle for STEM outreach.

WBETET is a 501(c)(3) categorized as an Education Public Charity, EIN 84-3787192. Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Fundraiser to be announced!

WBETET supports black lives. Our mission is to be one of the organizations on the ground in the communities that is pushing for the advancements of black people. WBETET is not affiliated with any religion, however, we may partner with faith-based organizations and leaders in order to have the most impact in the community. The founder is a Christian and he believes that God calls us to love our neighbors, and not just the ones who think or look like him.

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Our Story

Peter has been doing engineering educational outreach since his early college days at Johns Hopkins University. Peter enjoys going out to serve alone, but he also loves to bring his friends along! Peter has many friends across the Baltimore community who join in the outreach. He believes a diverse team is effective at driving uniquely effective change. Peter has used his unique gifts and positions to unite a diverse team from across Baltimore. He is an Electrical Engineer with a vision for the Northeast. Peter believes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a way to engage and unite employees, and also extend into uniting communities. WBETET is the coalescence of 7 years of outreach in Baltimore. WBETET is an innovative plan to use CSR and social environmental engineering, to create a sustainable business model. We are focused on partnering with local organizations to bring engineering resources into areas of need. WBETET is not a zero sum charity of give and take, it is a revolutionary way to think about receiving more than you put in.  Everyone wins!

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WBETET Leadership Team

We go as a Team!

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Founder and Creative Director

Peter grew up in Hawaii, and learned to make nature a place of growth and therapy. He is currently an Electrical Engineer  Peter loves adventure and bringing folks along for a ride!



Human Resources Director

Joice was born and raised in NYC, but she's always preferred trees over buildings. She enjoys meeting new people and is excited to get more involved with the Baltimore community through WBETET.

Our Mission and Plan

We will help unite organizations across Baltimore to bring resources into areas of need.

With a history of partnering with various organizations across Baltimore,  we have analyzed what's already out there, and realized there is an opportunity for innovation. We have already successfully launched Corporate Engineering Educational Outreach, and we will extend this partnership with Baltimore Recreation and Parks. We will focus on teaching kids about STEM, by using Art as a means to pique and capture curiosity. There is a volunteering component, and there is also a professional development component. This symbiotically creates a sustainable network of resources. For example, in our Musical Outreach Program, volunteers will teach and mentor kids by showing them how to play an instrument. Then we add an engineering side, where we will demonstrate cutting edge software and hardware that uses machine learning to generate sound and music. Our background in engineering allows us to generate these products, and relate it back to the kid's growth and curiosity. The goal is to partner with volunteers , to bring their talents and passion into the lives of kids in Baltimore.

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Event Planning in Progress

We are still in early planning stages, but here are some possibilities

STEM Mentoring

Teach kids by doing fun and educational projects.

Arts Mentoring

Nothing brings people together better than a musical!

Engineering Projects

Captivate minds through innovative engineering projects. Great for networking and professional development.

Art Engineering

Science and Art meet in a beautiful collision of expression, inspiration and discovery.

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