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Black Lives Matter

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

"WBETET is in strong support of the Black Lives Matter movement. WBETET's mission is to be one of the organizations on the ground in the communities that is pushing for the advancements of black people. WBETET is not affiliated with any religion, however, we may partner with faith-based organizations and leaders in order to have the most impact in the community. The founder, Peter, is a Christian. He believes that God calls everyone to love all their neighbors, and not just the ones who think or look like him."

Edit: I rephrased to: WBETET is in strong support of the Black Lives Matter idea, but not necessarily the organization and movement.

I made this edit because of conversations I've had and this thought provoking post:

I woke up at 1 am and decided I needed to write this blog post, and add this blurb to my website.

A wise coworker once told me: "I don't believe in coincidences. I believe in faith incidences. Miracles are happening all around us."


Two things happened today. First, I met some like-minded folks. I was just taking a walk in the Veteran's park of Manchester, and met some friendly peeps handing out food and prayer. They were recovered members of a 15 month drug addiction program. They wanted to give back what they have received in rehab, and decided they needed a bus to reach out to people in need. Everyone needs an outstretched hand at some point. There were many homeless people in the park (some on drugs), yet few seemed to approach the bus. Not sure why, but this got me thinking. Perhaps a helping hand is not always well received. Some might have been thinking: "Sure it worked for them, but I'm not like them, and that ain't my thing. Nice people though, and free food is appreciated"

Next, I took another walk through another park. (Funny how I have interesting experiences in parks.) This was Greeley Park, Nashua. I was looking to stretch my legs and take a nice nap. Except I accidentally walked in on a Black Lives Matter George Floyd vigil, and I was surrounded by the crowds and police. Inspiring, hopeful, and challenging. I was convicted of one thing. We can sit and march all we like. This gets people's attention. However, we must also put in the hard work on the ground, and in our hearts. Peace. This vigil gave me more energy to continuing pushing WBETET forward, no matter how much discouragement, exhaustion, or depression I face. I am motivated to help kids at the Greenmount Rec Center and share my passion of engineering with them.

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