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Happy Father's Day - Dragon Ball Z in Hawaii

Happy Father’s day! I never experienced a full life of fatherhood because my dad passed away when I started high school. The memories of him are still imprinted on my life. Below is a highly metaphorical reflection, of how my dad has impacted my life to this day, and how Dragon Ball Z was a key shaping of my childhood.

Names have meaning. What is your name? I am more than Gohan. I am rice field. I am half human half saiyan. Control emotions and unleash the father son Kamehameha on cell. We resonate with the stories that reflect and inform our lives. I look up to father Goku. Strong, nice, innocent, reckless, self sacrificing. I look up to mom Chichi. Stubborn, faithful, trying her best to control and love but can't seem to keep me in check. I go out on an adventure to Namek and try to fight the battles I can't win. But I have family there to help us beat Freiza, when I am too weak. Even if my father dies, he leaves a legacy and an imprint on my life . I would bike through Kamehameha highway every day to tutor Daniel in SAT. Better hope for a future. I bond with the Daniels. Brother , friend, and hero. Literal, business, and political. But ultimately, biblical. Even with my father in heaven he is here. Cell is powerful, but love will overcome. And unleash the father son Kamehameha with all my family behind me. One day, in the future, it's the spirit bomb, with all the universe putting in life to overcome the ultimate enemy. Life is a fairly truthful story tell. Seek it and find it. What does rock mean? I need to wait faithfully and patiently. Please send help Ers. Egyptian rats crew. Begins the tell of a lifetime.

I know some of this is confusing. There are several allusions to DBZ. I’m happy to answer questions about it. My dad was a kind generous man. Tanaka means rice field in Japanese. Gohan means rice in Japanese. Gohan is also a character in DBZ. I tutored and mentored a young kid named Daniel, and my brother is also named Daniel, and Daniel from the Bible was a hero in many ways. The end is a bit of a psychotic meltdown, but Alice was there to support me. I thought she liked me because we touched hands for an extended period during ERS card game. And I’m looking forward to the family we start in the future, and being a father!

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